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Peniel Pentecostal Holiness Church

3239 Rosebud Road Walnut Cove NC 27052
Pastor: Dr. Tim Nelson - Church Office 336-591-3611
A Place To Encounter God Face To Face. Gen. 32:3

    Pastor Tim & Alpha Rae

Jesus commands the church to “go and make disciples.” The Great
Commission is a call for the Peniel Church to provide ministry
opportunities for the members of the Peniel family that allow each
member to continually grow in their relationship with Christ. We are thankful to partner with with RightNow Media (RNM) , an online, user-friendly library of Christian and biblical videos for individuals in every age and stage of life.

The video library from RightNow Media provides an array of
wonderful, Bible-based content from Christian leaders throughout
the world. You’ll find discipleship training videos ranging from
topics such as parenting and marriage to finance and mission, and a
great library for kids. We pray that you will take advantage of this incredible online resource that is free of charge for the entire Peniel Family.

You can create a free online account by clicking the link or scanning the QR code below.


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Galatians Bible
Study: Pastor Tim

Galatians BS 1

Galatians BS 2

Galatians BS 3a

Galatians BS 4

Galatians BS 5

Galatians BS 6

Galatians BS 8

 Bible Study Series:
Joy In The Midst Of Life:  Pastor Tim

Philippians BS 16

Philippians BS 17

Philippians BS 18

Philippians BS 19

Philippians BS 20


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