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March 20, 2020

Subject: Church Service Schedule Changes and New Online Services

Dear Church Family,
As you know, we’re in a situation none of us have been in before and things are changing day by day. Your pastor and the Local Church Administrative Council have been monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and in response to a March 17 request from Bishop Mike Ainsworth, Cornerstone Conference, International Pentecostal Holiness Church we will be postponing all in-person public services and events for the next 15 days. Bishop Mike made the following request:

For the safety and wellbeing of all our ministers, members, staff and employees, I am asking every Pastor to take the following steps: I urge all Cornerstone Conference IPHC congregations of any size to immediately postpone all in-person public services and events for the next 15 days.

This does not mean that we stop ministry. Just the opposite! We are encouraging you to pursue other avenues of ministry including online services, congregational care opportunities and need-related community outreach. This request is in step with the announced plan of our President to Slow The Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) over the next 15 days.

We believe this crisis is an unprecedented opportunity for each of us to Be The Church! Remember, when it is darkest, Christ’s light (through His church) shines the brightest! Let’s continue to be salt and light bringing hope through the gospel to our communities and the world! (Matthew 15:4)

We are currently working to provide a weekly online video sermon from Pastor Tim for those who have internet access. The YouTube video link will be embedded on the front page of the church website at: You can also access other church related information on the church website. We are also seeking to expand our digital presence online to expand our capabilities of communication with our church family to include sermons, realtime communication, and online giving.

While we are working to implement these new online services, we still value personal contact and the corporate worship experience. These online services do provide some “connection” during this “social distancing” directive from our government and health officials. We would also encourage you to stay in contact with your church family via phone, cards, letters, texting, emailing, or other social media methods.

It is our plan to resume regular worship services, Sunday school, Bible studies, and other ministry gatherings, Sunday, April 5, 2020.

You are in our prayers and we desire your prayers as we address the concerns and even expand our ministry presence online in response to the challenges we all face. Let us pray the Lord will help us to see the opportunities that are before us and around us as we seek to continue to be the salt and light in our community.
Pastor Tim Nelson
Local Church Administrative Council



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