Father's Day is here, and as we think about our dads
How they love and care for us, make things good when they seem bad.

There's one whose days are long and hard, while tending to us all
A very special dad, who takes seriously, his call.

Sometimes we take for granted, or never even give a thought
To all the hours in preparation, and sometimes it comes to naught.

Not every one will listen, to him with open heart
But still he strives at making sure, from God we'll never part. 

The hours he spends down on his knees, and time spent in the Word.
His agonizing pleas to God, to us are never head.

It isn't just on Sunday morning, or a service on Wed. night
He has to always be prepared, to us show to us God's light.

A church dad is so special,  he teaches us how to live
And when all is said and done, his life, to his church family he will give.

We are blessed to have such a dad, and when we're in need of care
We can call on Pastor Tim and for us, he will be there.

Happy Father's Day To Our Church Dad.

Carrie Kinyon    2008


Background image by  ~ Silver and Gold and Thee ~