Our Pastor
Pastor Tim

The church doors are open,
Never being closed.
The man inside to greet you,
No matter how you got here,
No matter the traveled roads.

The truth of the lot of us,
We have troubles, trials & oft a murky past;
Striving for something better,
For love and peace at last.

We all come to see our Pastor,
Pastor Tim,
Knowing he's talked to the Lord;
Preaching God's directive,
Giving us just what we need,
Word for word.

Pastor Tim leads us, inspires us,
Always showing us the light;
Arming us with the Lord's Sword,
For to battle the world and it's darkness to fight.

Teaching us how to pray,
How to be patient, how to love;
How to listen to our Creator,
Watching from above.

So, that broken road,
That worn out ol' path,
That we used to get us here
God is using our Pastor
To show us that He is near.

When our own lifeline to the Father,
Seems in need of repair;
The road brings us to our Pastor,
Who helps us meet with Him there.

Thank you Pastor Tim,
For listening to God's call;
For searching from cover to cover.
To give us something to help us up
When we fall.

Angie Kuhlman 10-15-2017


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