Our Pastor's Wife
Alpha Rae

From the very beginning,
God knew who she would be;
Her name delivered by His hand,
Before the world she could see.

Alpha, in its meaning,
Refers to the first, Often the brightest,
Star in a constellation;
She surely lives up to this definition,
As our Pastor's Wife
In our congregation.

History shows as another form of Rachel;
How fitting of her too,
She is Biblically described as
'Beautiful and well favoured',
Our Pastor's Wife,
Gloriously wears that shoe.

Willing to listen,
To give us an encouraging word;
Like the Lord sent an Angel,
Her soft and gentle voice we've heard.

The Pastor's Wife shares him,
To all us needy sheep;
She humbly accepts his dedication,
No matter the want of sleep;
Her time is not her own,
Always a need,
A knock at the door, the ringing of a phone;
Willing to help carry your burden,
To pray for you,
Even if she, herself, has cried the whole night through.

Angie Kuhlman 10-15-2017


Background image by  ~ Silver and Gold and Thee ~