A Word From The Pastor: Dr. Timothy Nelson





Wilt Thou not revive us again? 
- Psalm 85:6\


In her April 1, 2012 blog, Tanya Nemley wrote: “Revival is not a scheduled meeting but an unexpected visitation from God resulting from an earnest desire to seek His face and be in His presence. God will ALWAYS show up this way when we earnestly seek Him with a clean heart.”


Are you praying and asking God, “Lord, will you not revive us again?” To experience revival, one has to want to be revived and feel that this is necessary to restore you, refresh you, and reposition you to the spiritual place God intends for you. A spiritual revival is for the children of God. May it be your heart’s cry to be rejoicing in the joy and strength of the Lord once again. May it be the desire of your yearning heart to meet the Lord in the place, whereby you can experience the overflow of the Holy Spirit and the unction power of God. May it be your purpose to live under God’s powerful anointing as you love Him and others. Lord, will you not revive us again?



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