A Word From The Pastor: Dr. Timothy Nelson




Arise, shine; for thy light is come, And the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. Isaiah 60:1

A breakthrough is a military concept. When one army is able to weaken its enemy’s forces to the point of collapse, a breakthrough occurs, allowing that army to invade and take its enemy’s territory.

But in war a breakthrough only really matters if it occurs at a strategic location. And the evidence that a location is strategic is almost always revealed by the amount of enemy forces amassed to protect it. An enemy led by skilled generals plans to ferociously protect what it prizes highly. This means that an invading army can expect its attempt to achieve a breakthrough to be met by a barrier of fierce enemy opposition. Increasingly intense fighting always precedes strategic breakthroughs. Strategic ground is not yielded easily.

This is as true for spiritual warfare as it is for terrestrial warfare. In the spiritual realm, as opposed to the terrestrial, the church is an invading force. If you’re praying for a breakthrough and not seeing it, do not give up. Opposition precedes breakthroughs.

Keep in mind that strategic ground is not yielded easily. Whether we’re battling for breakthroughs against our own stubborn sin or the unbelief of a loved one or breakthroughs in the missional advance of our local church, keep praying and BELIEVE that God is able! He is the God of the breakthrough. Arise in Jesus’ Name - the LIGHT has come!


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