A Word From The Pastor: Dr. Timothy Nelson



And he was teaching daily in the temple. (Luke 19:47)

The temple courtyard had been cleared of the money tables and the baskets of animals and now the great court was quiet and open. And into that vacated place the people later poured to hear Jesus.

These events occurred on Monday before Christ’s crucifixion. What about the “Mondays” of your life? Is this when Christ’s housecleaning clears away the clutter and He opens up space, in our schedules and in our hearts? Why? The Lord does this so that we will hunger to fill that receptive space with the joy of knowing Him as we hear Him.

The temple space had been cleared and the next day in the temple, Jesus was able to begin to teach the religious leaders and His disciples. Jesus saw a widow drop a penny into the treasury, and taught about sacrificial giving. He was shown a coin with Tiberius’s profile, and taught about priorities.

But Monday is not yet Resurrection Sunday. Tuesday is not yet Resurrection Sunday. That is the risk on this part of our walk, that we’ll be content with cleansing and preparation to hear the teachings of Jesus, yet fail to truly know Him. Do you know of anyone who has stopped at Monday, or even Tuesday? They have been cleansed and maybe even attend Bible studies, go to service after service and never truly encounter the risen Lord in a life transformational way.

Monday can be a dangerous day for every believer if you stop with the cleansing. Tuesday can be a dangerous day for the believer, if you just love to study the Bible, for the sake of study. Or you pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Beware, lest you find yourself stuck like the many who heard Jesus teach, that first Holy Week, but never really go on to know the joy of knowing Jesus in an ever-growing relationship. Will you settle for knowledge of Jesus or will you pursue knowing Him?

Adapted from: https://www.guideposts.org/faith-and-prayer/daily-devotions/a-lenten-devotion-taking-the-road-to-calvary

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